Wafer Head Self Tapping Screws

Also called modified truss head self tapping screw has a wide integrally formed round washer head with a low rounded top that is around 75% width of the washer diameter, generally with a philips drive.

Common usage is to fix, drill on a wood and the like works also thin sheet metals.

саморезы с пресс шайбой для крепления листового металла ( с острым наконечником)

Size: thread #6 and #8 (3.5 and 4.2mm), length from 1/2 to 3 inch (13mm to 76mm)

Material: AISI C1018, C1022 hardend Steel

Drilling: sharp point (Ph#2)

Drive type: philips, slot

Surface treatment: blue/white zinc, yellow zinc, copper, bronze, brown, brass coating

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Truss head tapping screw prices (metric size)

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