Coarse Threaded Drywall Screws

Drywall Screws coarse threaded generally used in wood works. It has wide threads, using for wood framed buildings, where their coarse threading helps them to securely grip the wood. Drywall screws are made from C1022 Steel. With a further heat treatment and final surface coating can be as follows,

Black phosphated or Grey phosphated or Blue/White/Yellow zinc plated drywall screws

Please see below photos for coarse threads and fine threads. If you require a special thread (Hi-Lo

threads, twin fast), contact us directly for more details.

Drywall screws coarse thread could be black, grey, zinc/ yellow zinc plated, see below
  • Transhow drywall screws blackDrywall Screw Black
  • Transhow drywall screws greyDrywall Screw Grey
  • Transhow drywall screws yzpDrywall Screw YZP