Self tapping screws, self drilling screws, sharp or drilling point

Self tapping screws are widely used construction material, which has a self-tapping or forming thread to drill its own holes that is the self-drilling characteristics. There is no need pre-drilled holes using a self tapping screws. Its generally used to wood, steel and sheet metal fixings and assemblies.

Transhow Fasteners produce a wide selection of self tapping screws & drilling screws

For driving methods, it can be slotted, philips, hex, square, socket, torx, cross recess combinations.

For head type, it can be pan head, pan framing head, counter sunk head, hex head, hex flange head, truss head, mushroom head, modified truss head, wafer head, washer head, oval head, round head, cheese head, button head, fillister head, flat head, etc.

For drill type, it can be sharp point, drilling point (#2 phi)

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