Drywall Screws Techniques

Brief Descriptions: Drywall screws, gypsum screws, drywall tek self drilling screws

Product Photos:

Material: C1022, C1018 low carbon steel

Head type: buggle head

Drive type: philips #2

Threads: fine, coarse, hi-lo, twinfast

Drilling Point: sharp, self drilling

Surface Treatment: grey phosphate, black phosphate, zinc coating, yellow zinc

Size and Specification Data:

Test or Delivery Conditions:

Fine threaded drywall screws for metal and plasterboard/gypsum

Drilling Speed Test: 1 second on steel plate max 0.8mm

RPM: 2500-3000, Load: 12 kgs

Surface Treatment: 48 hours salt spray test

Steel plate hardness: 70-120 HV